At the David Alan Collection, I’m asked almost daily if I would take someone along with me on my travels and buying trips. “I will carry your bags,” “Put me in your suitcase,” and “Please put together a tour,” are frequent expressions of a certain yearning to see something new and wonderful.

Sometimes those are casual comments and sometimes they are serious requests. Either way, they point to something. There’s a wish to be “taken along.” Logistically, for me, it’s not possible. You will see that from the stories in this blog. Nonetheless, I really do want to take you along with me.

This blog is my answer to those requests. It’s also my answer to the large number of requests to share more of my writing. The David Alan Collection newsletters, as well as the written pieces about all sorts of people, places, things, ideas, thoughts and musings that I have emailed home while traveling, have helped generate that interest. Well, here we go!

DACMan Speaks!

If the DACMan is speaking to you, please let me know. I want your feedback. I also would love for this to be widely read, so please send this link on to friends and family whom you think will enjoy it.




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9 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi David, Marti and I are big fans of your presentation of the beautiful objects created around the world. We look forward to learning more about the people and places you encounter on your travels.


  2. This is the most wonderful site! Thank you for sharing your insights and artistic visions. Annie

  3. David~Your site is a pleasure; well designed and easy to use and enjoy, even for us digital immigrants. I can easily see the quality of thought and time spent in elucidating the process
    of creating the vision and efforts in obtaining pieces. It flows readily and reads easily.
    Kudos my friend. The Quotations are wonderful; lots of room for more digression and expression of the humor and the hijinks to follow no doubt. A great adventure; carry on! Dan

  4. I am another one that would love to travel with you! What an awesome web site! It is wonderful to see all of the beautiful things you choose to share with us. Your writing is enlightening!
    I would love to do what you do, how exciting.

  5. I visited your gallery for the first time this week and had a wonderful time. The quality and diversity of the collection is amazing. Special thanks to Justin, Tim, and Jeff for all of the great stories and for providing that personal touch that so many businesses do not have.

    David Alan Collection is the best resource I have found in California for modern furniture, tribal art, antique pieces, and one of a kind discoveries.

    See you soon,


  6. This was just amazing last night, I was impressed that you got it all done in time, as your stuff did not get here before the 11th. As always we could feel the love that goes into your presentation, (I don’t mean it in a soggy way) we just have so much fun seeing all you do, each time we go to the DAC we have new ideas of our own.
    Thank you & Amita and all the people working alongside you, very much
    Michael & Patricia

  7. Dear David and Justin,
    I remember our last chance meeting, a Sunday in late winter, when I disembarked from the train traveling between Santa Barbara and San Diego to speicifically stop in and visit your store (my favorite anywhere). How delighted I was that both you and Justin were actually in the store. We shared story of environmental woes and global sagas… It pleases me to no end to read of your new “reclaimed, recycled, remarkable” furnishings. Bravo! So sorry to have missed the opening gala last week, but thank you for the personal reminder call and I shall visit your blog just to hear of your stories. Love the “second time around” driver clips. Best, Cheryl

  8. verdad17@hotmail.com

    while visiting your Cedros gallery, I loved so many of the wall sculptures my favorite being “Zion Harmony”

    There was a display of photos or video (I cannot remember) of you working with your feet immersed in I think water or claylike to create a sculpture. It was a unique way to design. Do you have that where I can view it through the internet?

    Leticia Shore

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