Hi Folks

Hi Folks,

I first heard of Mustang: The Last Forbidden Kingdom when I was thirty years old. I knew I would one day find and explore this ancient Tibetan land. I recently completed an eighteen-day, traditional Himalayan trek, with guides, Sherpas and cooks, to Mustang, now within the borders of Nepal.

This profound experience so altered me in some indefinable way that I am compelled to write about it with the hope that you will feel some of what I felt and experience the joy and freedom that defined this trek. I knew having this show and opening party was a mandatory event long before I left Nepal. Most of the smaller pieces in this show I found in the villages we passed through between the 13,000 ft. passes we climbed. Each piece was loaded on the backs of mules, the same way traders have done for some 30 centuries. It’s the real thing. I never imagined I would be dragging treasures through these high passes. David: Mule-Man-of-the-Himalayas brings you some of the most real everyday life artifacts ever seen! Funny, but it’s true. I laugh at the madness of what I do. I laugh with joy. I laugh at the unexpected discoveries that comprise the best story I’ve ever told. I laugh because I love life with its endless fears and pain, beauty and magic, annoyances and loves.

This is what I found: sweet people, silence, brotherhood, peace, joy, and love. I also found a dozen monastery doors, portable Tibetan Buddhist shrines, folk art, and a host of other treasures.

I sometimes think I should act like a museum curator, scholarly and erudite. I’m not. I’m a mad man on the loose finding extraordinary pieces from unexpected places. I’m motivated by beauty, awe, and fun. I live to discover, create and share the heart and soul of the cultures and people of where I have been and what I’ve found. What to do?


Newsletter July 2008

Hi Folks,

The cover story of this newsletter is about a stunning project that awakens awe and wonder daily.  In the slums of Old Delhi, stands living proof of what courage, commitment, and vision can create in this world.  Please read it, allowing the underlying heartache and joy to rise to the surface.

We promise the show, “A World of Chairs” and the reception party will be fun and inspiring to all.  We hope you’ll join us! Continue reading Newsletter July 2008

Newsletter October 2007

Hi Folks,

I’ve been looking forward to sharing our recent trip to Burma with you.  It was such a culturally rich, photographically stunning, relaxing trip, that I can’t stop thinking about it.  The articles in this Newsletter about Burma will give you a taste of the Burma we’ve come to love.  Please stop in and see the photographic exhibit, “From Burma with Love” at David Alan Collection.  Continue reading Newsletter October 2007

Newsletter August 2007

Hi Folks,

This newsletter highlights some of my favorite people, places and things in Asia.  Traveling and collecting in these lands has been a supreme privilege.  I’m grateful to these people for their kindness, generosity and friendship; to these cultures, which have shown me other ways of thinking; and to the land for its sustenance and beauty.  This is the inspiration for doing a show about these cultures whose foundation has been the world of rice.  I hope you will find the “Rice Cultures Show” as fascinating and rich as we do. Continue reading Newsletter August 2007

Newsletter June 2007

Hi Folks,

We hope you enjoy our new tri-fold format, printed in Bali.  It allows for more artistic leeway and more space to share what we love.  The purpose of the newsletter remains the same: to inform, inspire, educate, and excite.  I hope this ignites in you a sense of awe and wonder about the potential of people to create beauty from amazingly diverse geographic, cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds.  Continue reading Newsletter June 2007

Newsletter December 2006

Hi Folks,

This newsletter is the first of a series from David Alan Collection.  I spend about four months each year traveling in the Far East finding pieces for the Collection and shipping them home.  Each piece I find has a story and a quality, that I wish to share with you, as well as the flavors of the cultures I move in and through, the warmth and diversity of the people, and the beauty, joy and discovery I experience everywhere.  In reading these newsletters, it is my hope that you will be inspired , informed and moved by the people, places and pieces I have found all across the East. Continue reading Newsletter December 2006