The Return, Bangkok Restaurant

“The Return” to the real world is a masala, a mix of exotic spices.  It’s the here and now of Bangkok with dreams and memories of Mustang with its clean air, no electronics, blue sky, star filled nights right down to the horizon, being challenged every day to the depths of my soul and the limits of my body, the endless beauty, and a surprisingly long lasting state of joy: this was my Mustang world. I found more of who I am while trekking through these mountains with those sweet people and their beautiful culture. Continue reading The Return, Bangkok Restaurant

Re-entry, Kathmandu to Bangkok

I decided to leave for Bangkok a day early. The gentle demeanor of the Nepalese people evaporates on the streets of this super-over-crowded city.  The infrastructure that could manage 500,000 people a few years ago has not been improved, so the five to seven million people who are here share, somewhat aggressively, the limited public space.  There is a flow of sorts, but it’s as bumpy as the backstreets and alleys in which I spend most of my time. Continue reading Re-entry, Kathmandu to Bangkok