“You Have a Great Eye …”

I have heard countless times, “You have a great eye,” a nice compliment in a collector’s world.

I’d like to take a moment to explore what is actually going on when someone is attracted to a collection of furniture, craft or art;  when a “great eye” is recognized. There are seen and unseen components to each piece, those which are visible and those which are sensed. Continue reading “You Have a Great Eye …”

Comfort in Travel

What is probably the largest, nearly invisible factor in our choice about Travel? Comfort, yes, comfort, the unsung slayer of rich experience, chance encounters, and other life giving adventures. I suggest that where we travel, how we travel, when, with whom, where we stay, what we do each day, what we eat etc. are all determined in part or wholly by the level of comfort or discomfort that each action will provide for or inflict on our bodies and emotions. Continue reading Comfort in Travel