The Joglo

DAC Showroom

The Joglo is the four-posted architectural center piece of a Central Javanese home. This is the heart of the home, the meeting place, around which the rest of the house is built. It’s structurally integrated into the rest of the house, though appears to be free standing. There is a second roof, high above the roof of the Joglo, that protects the home from the elements. Continue reading The Joglo

Newsletter December 2006

Hi Folks,

This newsletter is the first of a series from David Alan Collection.  I spend about four months each year traveling in the Far East finding pieces for the Collection and shipping them home.  Each piece I find has a story and a quality, that I wish to share with you, as well as the flavors of the cultures I move in and through, the warmth and diversity of the people, and the beauty, joy and discovery I experience everywhere.  In reading these newsletters, it is my hope that you will be inspired , informed and moved by the people, places and pieces I have found all across the East. Continue reading Newsletter December 2006