young-burmese-monks“How can I capture Burma in words, as it has captured me?” This was the mantra question that played through my mind last December during the first of three happy and exciting weeks we spent in Burma. Beyond being one of the most photogenic places on planet Earth, Burma touched me in ways I don’t yet understand. There are things that could explain this affinity, like the enduring sweetness of the people or that the towns and cities have not been spoiled by the sudden world wide explosion of growth that makes most places look more and more alike. Although these are good explanations, there is something indefinable in the air. Burma is what it is, not trying to be something else. It remains whatever the current government names it (Myanmar) or does to it. Currently it isn’t madly pursuing the global hunger for MORE. Perhaps what Burma can better be defined by is by what isn’t there. Continue reading Burma


tony_naga1Tony was born of a Balinese mother and Dutch father, around the time of Indonesia’s independence from Holland. He moved to Bali from the Netherlands at age nine. Highly respected in the spiritual and political communities, Tony participates extensively in ceremonies and political events across Bali. His abilities as a shaman and healer are remarkable, though private. He speaks perfect high-cast Balinese, a feat few locals can match, as well as common Balinese, Indonesian, Dutch and English. Continue reading Tony

Why Travel?

Boatmen Launching
Boatmen Launching

Why Travel? I mean really travel, the kind of travel where you actually get to know someone truly different from you and find friendship, kinship or just plain old affinity. Travel … in which you are deeply touched by the beauty, courage or devotion of people you would have not imagined that you would have anything in common ground with. Travel … with an open heart, mind and spirit. Travel … which expands your passion for life. Continue reading Why Travel?

Travel with a Quest

davidThere are lots of reasons for travel and lots of ways to do it. I have found that one of the most satisfying way to travel is to create a quest, a quest to see the highest mountains, deepest lakes, the oldest inns or the most remote monasteries, whatever you want to make up. It doesn’t have to be significant, just a reason to get out of town, get off the beaten track, be a bit more vulnerable, open, available, and in the end, be a lot more nourished and alive. Continue reading Travel with a Quest

Food Preparation Implements in the Home

food-implementsFood Preparation Implements in the Home have perhaps the best energy, flavor, and patina of anything in the Collection.  Food preparation is the heart and soul of home and village life.  It is done with care, love, and thoughtful attention.  One can taste the love in the food and feel the care from the tools used to cook and serve it. Continue reading Food Preparation Implements in the Home