linduLindu, an artist’s artist, fits and breaks all the standard artist molds. When we first met four years ago, he was living alone. After a couple failed attempts at morning visits to see him, we learned to wait until mid-afternoon to show up at his shop/workshop/house/studio. If we arrived any earlier, he would be asleep or so blurry-eyed from working all night on his creations, that he was completely worthless. His workers were busy by 9 am, but there was never a sign of “the man” that early. In the hot Java afternoons, he was invariably shirtless, lean and brimming over with jokes, good humor, and playfulness, very much like the sculpture he makes. Dek dubbed him “the funny man” when I couldn’t keep everyone’s names straight during our trips to Java. Continue reading Lindu



Gyem Dorgi, our Bhutanese guide and devoted Buddhist practitioner, became a friend and trusted companion in the two weeks we were with him. One of my favorite memories of Gyem, is him dressing me in a “Gho,” the traditional Bhutanese man’s outfit, which he wore every day with ease and grace. In the late afternoon of our second day in Bhutan we walked to his favorite (locals only) Gho shop, just down the street from his wife’s kitchen utensil and appliance store. I pawed my way through dozens of one-size-fits-all Ghos, until I found a formal, finely woven, all black, woolen Gho, with a sky blue lining and deep red border. After we picked out the removable, nine inch white cuffs, theoptional white collar, a multicolored hand woven belt, and black socks, I carried my 12 pound bundle of clothes back to the hotel for the first of three training sessions with Gyem. He approached these training sessions with the same patience, grace, compassion, love, and humor with which he approached everything in life. Continue reading Gyem

“Just 5 Minutes”

clockIf they say, “Just 5 minutes,” don’t believe it for a second. From Bali to Bhutan, there is no such thing as “just 5 minutes.” There is no place that’s a 5 minutes drive. There are no 5 minutes stops, no 5 minute walks, nor 5 minute errands. There are no 5 minute friends, snacks, or temples. No one will ever “be there,” “be back,” or “return your call” in 5 minutes. We will never leave here, get there, or stay there 5 minutes. There are no 5 minute banks, government offices, ceremonies, or shaves, no 5 minute check-ins, checkouts, showers, or shoe repairs. Continue reading “Just 5 Minutes”

I Believe in Beauty

lake-mcdonald-glacierI believe in beauty. I believe we hunger for beauty and its effects on our hearts, minds, and souls. Any and every moment that we are touched by beauty we are refreshed, enlivened, and made whole. Whether we find beauty in nature, art, music, dance, literature, or architecture, beauty leaves us inspired, soothed and more able to be that person we want to be in the world. Continue reading I Believe in Beauty