Hi Folks!

Each day, I find myself so grateful for my life, our lives, and the foundations on which we build them, yet often take for granted.  In the other world I live in, Asia, life’s foundations shift with the wind, and individual rights are often arbitrary.  Opportunities can be illusive and chimerical.  Countless lives are lost through lack of basic understanding or education.  The work my wife Amita accomplishes with underprivileged children and their families continues to be successful and deeply inspiring to all who know Alpha School.  Her work reminds me of the deeply inspiring work Greg Mortenson is doing in Afghanistan, which is described in his book, Three Cups of Tea.  I believe this book will touch you as well, if you’ve not already had the pleasure of reading it.  Three Cups is a brilliant reminder of what life’s for, and what love, passion, and commitment can achieve. Continue reading Hi Folks!

The Vision: “The Studio by David Alan”

“Bare Reflection” by David Alan

While creating something such as “The Studio” has been my dream since undergrad art student days, acquiring the skill and patience to sculpt in wood has been low on my priority list. What persisted over time are the gnawing hunger for, and the recurring vision of, things I wanted to make.  For decades I collected ideas and made drawings, hoping someday to find someone who could brings these ideas to life.  I imagined the ateliers of Brancusi or Miro and the studios of Rembrandt being an intense blending of vision, labor, and the drive to create.  I always wanted that blend of energies, and deeply value having it how! Continue reading The Vision: “The Studio by David Alan”

Insight into the Works of “The Studio

“Zion Harmony” by David Alan

Looking closely at each of these carvings, the interplay between the wood grain and the texture creates a sense of wonder and appreciation.  The materials used and the human skill and insight which goes into making these carvings utterly transforms them into unique works of art.  The inspiration for these new creations comes from diverse sources such as nature, Asian art, and my internal fantasy world.

Continue reading Insight into the Works of “The Studio