“The Studio” by David Alan: Carvings of Southern Utah

n1There is a certain rawness to the Zion carvings we make in “The Studio”.  While this work has a strong lyrical quality, its beauty is expressed through a gritty honesty, not prettiness. From the chisel marks that show, you can almost feel the coarseness of the rock. This character reminds me both of the wood we used to carve the pieces and the rough textures of nature. Continue reading “The Studio” by David Alan: Carvings of Southern Utah

I’m Tired

I’m tired.  I want and need to sleep but something’s demanding attention now.   I must write about this evening’s delight….

Once in a while I hear music that so fills my heart and soul I need to shout.  I’m the English gentleman who claps politely, even enthusiastically upon occasion, but tonight I am barely able to speak.  I just returned home from dinner at Made’s Warung.  My hoarse voice is partly from joy and partly from shouting (enough to kill it for the evening) in repeated appreciation for the jazz I heard after dinner. Continue reading I’m Tired


I’m more comfortable helping than being helped. I’d rather do favors than ask for favors.  There was a saying when I was growing up, “It’s better to give than to receive.”  For some reason, I’d rather pay for what I get than ask for a boon. Maybe it’s a control thing, maybe I like my dream world, maybe I don’t want to face rejection, and maybe I have a heart of gold.  Maybe God is a 3-toed sloth. Continue reading Help