The Trek, Kathmandu Arrival

Kathmandu. Pilgrims, tourists and hawkers at grand stupa

Arriving in Kathmandu, Nepal seems a good starting point to write about The Trek.  It’s where almost Himalayan treks begin.  It’s a transition point of realities.  The reality of the “West” to the reality of a developing Asian capital city, and onto the Himalayan mountain reality. Truth and illusion blur when realities are stacked so close together. From the orderliness of the West, to Nepal’s deep poverty and a booming economy living side by side with its pollution, crowds, chaos, dirt, traffic, noise, poverty, and misplaced people, to the beauty, serenity and mysticism of the mountains. Continue reading The Trek, Kathmandu Arrival

The Trek Vision

Last Pass with Farewell Scarves

Long before I left home for this trek I gave considerable thought to what I wanted to create as far as the atmosphere of the trek. I wanted the trek to be an extraordinary experience for everyone from porters to clients.  My vision was for peace, equanimity, and inclusion, as well as bringing about a deep sense of brotherhood for all.  I’ve spent enough years traveling (and living) in the East to know how difficult it is to achieve a sense of equality and brotherhood in traditional, hierarchical societies.  There are complex boundaries that nearly forbid such relationships.  I told Hem and John of my vision and held it deeply in my thoughts throughout the trek. It is nothing that can be made to happen, but intention has power.

Celebration Dinner - Last Night of Trek w/Guides, Cooks & Mule Guys