The Caves

On the Way

The caves, all carved out of solid rock by hand, were home to the people of this area for thousands of years, though a bucket of water was often an hour’s walk away and firewood for cooking, even further.  These were not cavemen.  Their pottery was beautiful and Tibetan Buddhist beliefs deep.  The complex we explored was “just over the mountain” from Tibet/China.  It had 108 rooms on five levels accessed by interior ladders.  The ceilings were black with smoke and the floors inches deep in dust. Continue reading The Caves

Day V, Rocks, Rocks, Rocks

Rocks and...

Rocks, rocks, rocks.  I’ve never seen so many rocks, rocks with dozens of sparkling garnets, rocks with marble streaks, and round golden rocks by the billions.  I like rocks.  I’m fascinated by them.  Up here trekking, one has plenty of time to look at rocks.  Going up, down, or flat, every rock in the path has meaning, as either a place to step or something to avoid.  On a steeper uphill with no chance to look up, the six square feet of rock in front of you is your whole world, then the next six square feet, just a bit higher on the trail. Continue reading Day V, Rocks, Rocks, Rocks

Trek Day IV, A Wicked Pass

Trail on the Edge at 13,000 Ft.

This morning bed tea was delayed until 6:30 am to give all of us, crew, guides, and clients extra rest. As usual I was awake at 5 am.  It was light and I was ready to play.

We started the day with a visit to a 700 year old village monastery with only one small meditation room, men only.  The vibration was old, deep and sweet.  We just wanted to sit for hours and soak it in, but being on a remote, long distance trek allows for little flexibility.  Even the camping spot is set months ahead, each one dependent on the previous day throughout the trek. Continue reading Trek Day IV, A Wicked Pass