Poon Hill, Day Two

Sunrise Poon Hill

Today is the second day of the Poon Hill trek. The guidebooks indicate much of the trek would be climbing stone steps.  I’m glad the guidebook left out the details none of us really want to know ahead of time.  It would ruin all the surprises that may have given us second thoughts about starting out on whatever adventure is being described. “To Glorify and Enroll” should be the mandatory warning on the cover of most guide books. “Reader Beware.” Continue reading Poon Hill, Day Two

Rock Hard Pillow

1/8" Plywood Walls & Mini Twin Bed

Yesterday, at the guesthouse I had a rock hard pillow.  I used a rolled up jacket instead.  At breakfast I said, “Tomorrow I want a pillow that’s softer than the mattress.”  Last night I got my wish.  The pillow was just as hard as the previous night, but the mattress was like a slab of slate. The pillow was indeed the softer of the two.