“You Have a Great Eye …”

I have heard countless times, “You have a great eye,” a nice compliment in a collector’s world.

I’d like to take a moment to explore what is actually going on when someone is attracted to a collection of furniture, craft or art;  when a “great eye” is recognized. There are seen and unseen components to each piece, those which are visible and those which are sensed.

multi-shelf-cabinetThe visible includes the form, balance, color, condition, integrity, harmony, texture and quality of materials and craftsmanship. All these have to work together for a piece to be beautiful or pleasing.

The sensed components are more about the energy that a piece exudes, what the craftsman put into it as it was made, how it was used and by whom.

All these energies somehow reside in these objects, and it is that energy that often determines if we are attracted to a piece or not. Part of how I chose a piece is by how the piece feels, not only how it looks. Does it have good energy or not?

Just like with people, outward beauty doesn’t necessarily mean good energy.Each piece must pass the “seen” and “unseen” tests to end up at DAC. That means sorting through and passing up 1000 pieces for every one that comes to the Collection.


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Having journeyed to the Far East and Asia over 20 times in the past 20 years, I’ve been intrigued and inspired by the ingenuity, craftsmanship, balance and human spirit that have gone into the making of those works I have seen and collected.

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