tony_naga1Tony was born of a Balinese mother and Dutch father, around the time of Indonesia’s independence from Holland. He moved to Bali from the Netherlands at age nine. Highly respected in the spiritual and political communities, Tony participates extensively in ceremonies and political events across Bali. His abilities as a shaman and healer are remarkable, though private. He speaks perfect high-cast Balinese, a feat few locals can match, as well as common Balinese, Indonesian, Dutch and English.

His ability to recognize and collect fine artifacts, art and furniture, charged with good energy, has made him a master primitive art collector and one of my favorite people on Bali. With his a good eye for all manner of art and high craft, from fabrics to ancient stone, I know I will always find treasures in his collection. I constantly learn about the artifacts, culture and history of Bali and Indonesia from him. He is an intelligent, knowledgeable, and generous man, who trains youngsters from his village in carving and woodworking and guides them in their temporal and spiritual development. I always make sure there is enough time to visit him and his collection several times each trip to Bali and consider myself fortunate to know and work with him, and know him to be a fine and loyal friend.


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Having journeyed to the Far East and Asia over 20 times in the past 20 years, I’ve been intrigued and inspired by the ingenuity, craftsmanship, balance and human spirit that have gone into the making of those works I have seen and collected.

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