At the David Alan Collection, I’m asked almost daily if I would take someone along with me on my travels and buying trips. “I will carry your bags,” “Put me in your suitcase,” and “Please put together a tour,” are frequent expressions of a certain yearning to see something new and wonderful.

Sometimes those are casual comments and sometimes they are serious requests. Either way, they point to something. There’s a wish to be “taken along.” Logistically, for me, it’s not possible. You will see that from the stories in this blog. Nonetheless, I really do want to take you along with me.

This blog is my answer to those requests. It’s also my answer to the large number of requests to share more of my writing. The David Alan Collection newsletters, as well as the written pieces about all sorts of people, places, things, ideas, thoughts and musings that I have emailed home while traveling, have helped generate that interest. Well, here we go!

DACMan Speaks!

If the DACMan is speaking to you, please let me know. I want your feedback. I also would love for this to be widely read, so please send this link on to friends and family whom you think will enjoy it.




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