Yunnan, China

chinese-manFrom the moment I stepped out of the taxi in Leigian, I was lost. It was pouring rain and I was in a remote corner of the old city with cobblestone street, dragging the huge suitcase that was already loaded with treasures. There are no cars and taxis allowed in this town. Apparently, there’s no English spoken either, as I discovered as I asked for directions to an inn, where I had not yet reserved a room. I only knew the name, and that it was on a canal. Eventually a monk took pity on me and shared his oversized umbrella with me as we walked the 25 minutes to the inn with my cobblestone weary suitcase clunking behind us in the rain. I looked and felt like a drowned cat and took the overpriced “last” room, the one that used the sink and toilet area as the shower stall. Continue reading Yunnan, China