Bali Again

I’ve just stepped back into the surreal world of Bali.  The ice-cream man just rode by on his bicycle with his recording blaring “Jingle Bells,” alerting kids from miles around that he’s here and ready to sell. Invisible ants are carting off a six-inch dragonfly across the living room floor, my spayed cat just had kittens (I thought the stitches were in an odd place), and I just relocated my coffee tree forest to a new area of the living room. Continue reading Bali Again


wayanbalikWhen I hop in the car with Wayan Balik, my driver, I know within minutes we will have some outlandish conversation about Bali, life, or the Gods.  We egg each other on until some aspect of life becomes a take from my new film, “The Three Stooges Meet Fellini.”  Anything is fair game, no matter how serious the subject, and the goal is to make each other laugh. Continue reading Chickens