I’ve been in Kyoto five days now, five super busy work days. I like working this way with not enough time do everything I want to do. Some email is left unanswered, 100’s of temples and gardens go unvisited, and my writing and editing are untouched.

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Packing Kyoto

Packing the pieces for shipment I had collected for the past year in Kyoto nourished my hunter’s craving for beauty. Some of these objects I had never actually previously touched to feel their energy or see first hand, their beauty. A photo over the internet the day before an auction from my dear friend, Rhett, can’t always reveal the inner worth of an object.

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2nd Day in Kyoto

I have been in Kyoto for two days now.  Today, Sunday, we got up at 5:00am to get to the biggest temple flea market in Kyoto by 6:00.  3 1/2 hours was not nearly enough time to see half the stalls, much less take in the temple and gardens.  I chose a beautiful stack (mountain?) of men’s and women’s kimonos which took three of us with four bags each to drag to the car half a mile away.  We were also carrying a cast iron lantern and the backpack mentioned below.  This is a strange and wonderful culture.  I found a 200 year old Edo period raincoat with rare Edo patterns of indigo dyeing and a huge, 100 year old, leather, herbalist’s backpack with perhaps 20 woven trays and one hundred sections for healing herbs.  Continue reading “2nd Day in Kyoto”

24 Hours in Kyoto

I have now been in Japan a bit more than 24 hours in Kyoto.  I so love it here!  Got in late and was picked up by a good friend, Rhett, at 7:15pm at Starbucks across from the new train station.  We went out to my favorite (to date) Okinawa restaurant.  Having been up for 30 hours with no sleep, I slept well in Rhett’s guest room from 12:00am until 6:00am this morning when we needed to be up to get to a country auction up in the mountains 1 1/2 hours from Kyoto that started at 7:50am.  It was cold and raining hard all morning, but at least they let me stand under the roof this time!  Eight hours of standing on cold concrete in the windy winter was a painful, but amazing adventure.  No one is allowed in these auctions without a license.  Rhett thinks I’m cool enough to slip in, white skin and all.  We found lots of crazy good pieces straight out of Kyoto area country homes. Continue reading “24 Hours in Kyoto”