Bagan, Burma


As for as the eye can see in all directions there are temples built of brick in the 10th to 13th centuries by the people of Central Burma. In terms of number and of size, they are incomprehensible. The massive amount of labor it took to erect these edifices, brick by handmade brick into fantasy land of more than 2500 temples is staggering. These shrines and places of worship, filled with Buddhas and devotion, speak of wealth and dedication that challenge our current sensibilities. Each temple and stuppa is an intricate work of sculpture. That there are almost no people living within the boundaries of these 100 square miles, gives it all an eerie feeling. Continue reading Bagan, Burma


young-burmese-monks“How can I capture Burma in words, as it has captured me?” This was the mantra question that played through my mind last December during the first of three happy and exciting weeks we spent in Burma. Beyond being one of the most photogenic places on planet Earth, Burma touched me in ways I don’t yet understand. There are things that could explain this affinity, like the enduring sweetness of the people or that the towns and cities have not been spoiled by the sudden world wide explosion of growth that makes most places look more and more alike. Although these are good explanations, there is something indefinable in the air. Burma is what it is, not trying to be something else. It remains whatever the current government names it (Myanmar) or does to it. Currently it isn’t madly pursuing the global hunger for MORE. Perhaps what Burma can better be defined by is by what isn’t there. Continue reading Burma