The Gateway to Heaven

On my first morning in Kyoto I walked into an 800-year-old temple garden. When confronted by the precision of elegantly raked sand, vivid mounds of spring-green moss, and 400-year old windswept pines, I stood stock still, deeply touched, and unable to move forward. I’d found perfection. In this garden, man and nature merged to create a simple, absolute gift. This was one of those rare moments when thought utterly disappears and inexplicable joy takes its place. Continue reading The Gateway to Heaven

Japan: A Culture of Quality

(Below is an excerpt from a letter I wrote home to America while I was in Japan in early March 2011, a day before the earthquake and tsunami hit)

Japan, at last, I’ve come home (to you). As I walk the streets, visit galleries, warehouses, and auctions, I feel I know these gardens, and temples. I get chills of awe and recognition hourly. As I wander though a 700-year-old temple garden,  I’m stopped in my tracks by a flash of sunlight filtered though the bare trees landing on a bed of moss so green it glows. Tigers come alive for me on a 200-year-old folding screen. Temple bells ring long and true. I’m home. Continue reading Japan: A Culture of Quality

Hi Folks

Hi Folks,

The weeks fly by, yet even last month seems like a year ago. Life is full of challenges and fun, projects and beauty. My internal 2011 clock is suspended when I travel. Days, dates, and even seasons slip by almost unnoticed as I explore and enjoy the diverse cultures of Bali, Thailand, Laos, Montana, Japan, San Diego, and Bali again. Continue reading Hi Folks

“Take 99” Award Ceremony

After the opening of the “Take 99” show, featuring nearly 100 decorated elephants made by Balinese people from all walks of life, I knew on my return to Bali I would be handing out the prize money to the eight winners.  Simply asking these people to stop by and pick up an envelope with cash felt empty, given the community-nature of this culture.  So many people took their time and energy to create beautiful elephants, I knew the acknowledgment needed to be public and include a lasting award. Continue reading “Take 99” Award Ceremony