The New Carvers at the Warehouse

Having these two highly trained and skilled carvers working with us at the studio/warehouse is a dream come true for me. It is a dream I have had for over fifteen years. I have collected ideas, made drawings, and found photographs for even longer than that, hoping someday to find someone who could to bring these ideas to life. Continue reading The New Carvers at the Warehouse

The Chicken Truck

Chickens Riding to Market – Satay on the Way

“Wayan. Look at that chicken truck.  Those guys are probably really ready to have their lives end.  If they knew where they are going and that this is the last day of this life, they would probably be happy.  Look at them. Stuffed into cages 8” high, one cage per level, 100 chickens per level, 12 levels high on the back of a pick up truck.  Chicken soup by morning.  What will they be next life?  What could they have learned this life that could kick them up a level in karmic evolution?  Hatched, left in cages, fed hormones for 28 days and voila!  Ready for the pot…  Eat, grow, get eaten.  Will they be dogs next time?  Not likely.  If they could talk to each other they’d be saying,’Whew, thank god this one is over.  Better luck next time, sister.’“ Continue reading The Chicken Truck

Bad News

When I planned my latest work trip to Bali, I looked forward to meeting with Dek.  I “reserved” as much of time as possible with him so we could work together making and designing furniture.  Dek’s my main man in Bali.  We share a warehouse, workshop space, and meet daily to move all our projects as well as our lives, forward.  He is smart, highly skilled, intuitive, incredibly hard working, fun to be with, and fully Balinese.  He and his wife from NYC, own and run eight or nine businesses, which, by all reports, are starting to run them! Continue reading Bad News

Lindu – Delightfully Twisted

Lindu is truly one of my favorite human spirits on earth. Alive and playful, he’s overflowing with out-of-the-box creativity. Delightfully twisted, the unexpected is his norm. A bicycle seat magically become ears, a door handle, a mouth of a sculpture. Soon a mystical or goofy creature takes shape. His latest creation for me is a monster, a comical spider with plow handle legs and a pair of rear view mirrors to keep an eye on the suspended kite he’s pulling along behind. Beautiful madness. If I’d ever be jealous of someone, it would be of him and the brilliant vision, fun, and soul he brings to each piece he creates. Continue reading Lindu – Delightfully Twisted

Bali Holidays

September.  It’s the Ramadan holidays here and other Muslim holidays now.  That means that ALL of the Javanese workers are gone from Bali for 20-30 days.  Javanese do everything from hair cutting (I’ve needed one from before I arrived in Bali) to woodworking.  No one has done “anything” since I arrived and will not for another week, I fear.  My whole warehouse staff, wood carvers, villa staff, and drivers are Balinese, so no immediate problem for me.  I don’t have to make coffee, breakfast, drive, or do the gardening!  Haha. Continue reading Bali Holidays

Bali According to Wayan

I must admit I get some of my inside scoop info on Bali from a completely unreliable source: Wayan Balik, my driver for these past five years.  I ask him about Bali traditions, beliefs, and practices because I like the stories he tells.  I love to laugh at his tales that he starts in earnest and gets caught up in his own fabrications the further he goes.  Continue reading Bali According to Wayan


This spring, two of my house staff, Made and Putu entered a body builder’s contest. Made looks like a small-sized Mr. Universe. Six months ago, he enrolled Putu, the shy one, into a serious regimen of workouts. Made, the bold, pulled up his shirt to show off his abs. He’s been at this for years and it shows. Made, Made Curly, so named by the staff for his curly hair, just got a modified Mohawk this week. No more Made Curly. We also have a Made Security, a.k.a., Made Tinggi (or Made Tall) on staff. Made Mohawk proudly points to Putu and says, “Putu has abs now too, show them!” Continue reading Abs