Security Check

Loading Up After Making it Through Securty. Only 12 Minutes on the Ground Between Flights - Terminal Building in Back

Pokhara’s airport security system does exist, evidenced by an x-ray machine with a moving belt.  We put our duffel bags in one end and they came out the other end, just as expected, but there is no one at the monitor to look for bad stuff. The x-ray guy was apparently loading bags on the plane. Not our problem. Continue reading Security Check

Trek Day VII, Monk Chants

Our return to the monks’ chanting this morning was as gentle as it was enlightening. While sitting with them for a couple hours, we were given simple red bowls filled with tea which was refilled often, keeping our hands and bodies warm. It was a sweet surprise to be included in this way as one of the monks.  Again, the world disappeared, replaced by a sacred space, complete with clashes of symbols, the varied tones of the different horns, and the deeply resonant incantation of the monks. Continue reading Trek Day VII, Monk Chants

Trek Day VI, Lomanthang

Fresh Goat for Festival

A dog was barking much of the night.  I dreamed of making dog soup from that little monster.  I knew which dog was barking. It was a puppy tied up all alone, afraid, or whatever puppies feel in an empty courtyard alone at night.  My compassion was non-existent for a barking, lonely dog at 2:30am.  The next morning, in the puppy’s courtyard was a freshly slaughtered white goat.  No blood anywhere, but the relocated head was sitting on the ground looking toward the body.  The chopping block sat on the ground nearby, surrounded by five or six local guys anticipating a feast, no doubt.  Goat soup, not dog soup.  Damn! The dog will be barking again tonight. Continue reading Trek Day VI, Lomanthang