I Dance Through Customs

I dance through customs
Without shoes or my belt, then,
by The Man, (personally) felt

I once read in an ancient tome on the earliest forms of haiku, that anything in parenthesis didn’t count. You simply said that “extra” word over your shoulder, sotto vocce, or (however you spell it).   Try it.  It adds an imaginative twist that layers meanings and subtlety.  It vanished from use in the late 14th century. Commentator of the time claimed the nobility was getting lazy and simple minded and couldn’t think like a go board anymore. Continue reading I Dance Through Customs

“I Want…”

“I want ____” seems to be the mantra that gets an exceptional work-out in my mind.  Unless I’m deeply engaged in something like writing, X-country skiing, watching the Olympics, or reading, I find myself in the “I want” world.  In watching the Olympics, I’m given plenty of commercial breaks per hour to “want.”  I want that truck, I want that hair style, and I want some Doritos.  Continue reading “I Want…”


Control is one of the grandest illusions of all time. This illusion is pervasive and deliberate, but also invisible and unconscious. We really believe we are in control of our lives. The true lack of control of what happens to and around us is masked by routines which form the parameters of daily life. We’ve also made subtle agreements with those around us concerning who controls what areas of our work, home and social worlds. This way either we are personally in control or accept another’s control. In the background we remind ourselves we can change their control over us any time we want, so again, we aren’t faced with the prospect/reality of living a life we can’t really control. Continue reading Control