DAC History

Q: How did the David Alan Collection come into existence?indulge-dac2
A: The David Alan Collection (DAC for short), is a blend and culmination of much of what I’ve learned and loved in life, from my undergrad degree in studio art and art history to the restoration of a Victorian house on the Hudson River. If you add my love for travel in the East (over 30 trips to India and Asia), a passion for third world art and craft and my businesses on Cedros Ave., the foundation for DAC begins to emerge. The name, by the way, comes from my first and middle name, David Alan Bardwick. Continue reading DAC History

Finding the Right Stuff

sulawesi-island-terracottaBeauty and soul are the twin lights that inform and guide me in my quest for pieces for the Collection. Once I’m drawn to a piece by its beauty or soul, then I look for the other essentials: balance, harmony, structural integrity, craftsmanship, good materials and condition. A piece may be lacking in any of these areas and still come home with me. Structural integrity can be repaired, gorgeous wood can to some degree override design flaws or average craftsmanship. If the materials aren’t the best but it’s stunningly beautiful, it comes home. Great soul or energy can override every other consideration. Continue reading Finding the Right Stuff

What Makes A Piece Of Furniture Great?

suar-slab-tables1Numerous criteria can be used to determine if a piece of furniture is great. In the context of this article “great” may not be synonymous with “museum quality,” rather great means a work of beauty and soul. These criteria could be separated into five including: the basics, the patina, the materials used, the history (interest), and the energy. Continue reading What Makes A Piece Of Furniture Great?

Getting Creative

Getting creative — Old pieces, New uses

Stone Water Jar as Fountain

One of the most fun and creative parts of finding old, beautifully weathered, textured architectural and village pieces, is discovering new uses for them. 9′ or 10′ teak plow handles become handrails, legs for tables or wall art. Teak rice mortars become pedestals for wood dining tables, coffee tables, or plant stands or bases for glass top end tables, drink tables and outdoor tables. Continue reading Getting Creative

Folk Art – Innocence and Simplicity

It is the joy, beauty, and innocence transmitted through the simple works of folk art that drew me to collecting it from villages all over Asia and the Pacific for many years. It is the art of the people, of hearth and home, and is fashioned from the hands, heart and soul of the maker.

folk_art_cat-copyI am compelled to share my love and admiration for folk art’s pure and utterly delightful forms. The makers of folk art are usually villagers, untrained, with something to express, consciously or not. They are usually “playing” with an everyday household object, a tool, instrument, toy, piece of furniture, utensil, or offering – always making that piece more beautiful, interesting, or meaningful. Continue reading Folk Art – Innocence and Simplicity

The Gang of Five

It all began with a small group of traders who appeared from nowhere on the steps of my hotel. One was from Borneo, two from Sumba, one from Timor and one from Java. I called them “The Gang of Five.” Justin dubbed them “The Five Pack.”

We started with this small, but intense, group of traders who we connected well with and found interesting and valuable. Our first five or six meetings were great. I got to know the group a bit, began to understand their individual trading styles and the quality of their pieces, and we could goof around. I found out who spoke English better then they let on by teasing them and making jokes. I was surprised how many got the humor. When I told them they need to wake up from their dreams and give me real prices, they loved it. Continue reading The Gang of Five

Food Preparation Implements in the Home

food-implementsFood Preparation Implements in the Home have perhaps the best energy, flavor, and patina of anything in the Collection.  Food preparation is the heart and soul of home and village life.  It is done with care, love, and thoughtful attention.  One can taste the love in the food and feel the care from the tools used to cook and serve it. Continue reading Food Preparation Implements in the Home

The Joglo

DAC Showroom

The Joglo is the four-posted architectural center piece of a Central Javanese home. This is the heart of the home, the meeting place, around which the rest of the house is built. It’s structurally integrated into the rest of the house, though appears to be free standing. There is a second roof, high above the roof of the Joglo, that protects the home from the elements. Continue reading The Joglo