Nature Takes Time, Poon Hill

Sunrise Poon Hill

It takes time to sink into nature, rather let nature sink into me, I have found the fourth day is usually a turning point from letting go of normal life and allowing nature to do its magic.  On this Poon Hill Nepal Trek, day three I found myself stopping along the trail to just gaze at the forest and rocky streams. I felt an easy smile of pleasure spread across my face more and more often from the joyful pleasure of simply being in the Himalayas again.

Fishtail 25,000 Ft Plus by Day

It seems that most everything gets old after enough repetition.  The first time I saw the ocean, picked an orange off the tree and ate it, or drove a car, it was fresh and exciting.  Now I see the ocean everyday, have all the oranges I can eat outside my front door, and driving a car is more of a necessary evil unless I’m on a road trip.  These may still be enjoyable things, but certainly bring no wonder or awe.

Standing at 11,000 Ft Looking Up 14,000 Ft Higher

For me, a notable exception to this “rule” is the surprise appearances of the 25,000′, snow-clad, Himalayan peaks. I have now been in these mountains for 3 ½ weeks in May and another week right now. A thousand times I have come to a break in the forest or bend in the trail and suddenly there they are, those exquisite peaks.  Oh!  I’m shocked and awed every time.  Each time it’s the same or should I say different?  Each time it’s completely new and stunningly beautiful. Is this not proof of God?

Fishtail at Sunrise - Poon Hill


25,000 Ft Peaks Abound
Streams & Waterfalls Everywhere

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