Food Preparation – Tools in the Courtyard

wood-food-bowls-indonesiaSome of the most beautiful village implements are those used in the courtyard of a family compound for grinding of corn, soybeans, or pounding of rice.  The spiral teak gears of Thailand and ironwood notched gears of Indonesia are poetry in action and sculpture at rest.  They gain beauty from use and wear, and eventually from disuse, as the elements of nature start to wear away their features. Continue reading Food Preparation – Tools in the Courtyard

Tribal and Village Drums

drum2I find myself more and more attracted to folk instruments of Asia and the “Islands,” especially the drums. As a kid (and this hasn’t changed much) I couldn’t dance because I couldn’t hear the beat of the music. Imagine doing the waltz or cha-cha “rhythm-deaf.” Anyway, drums had never been my thing, but all that’s changed now. Continue reading Tribal and Village Drums